Cooling pad

Water Evaporation
Heat Absorption

Most of the industry require ventilating and cooling solutions, especially during hot weather. Cooling pad is a better option to cool down the atmosphere as it is more energy efficient and cost effective. Explore more about the applicable industry and how our cooling pad could help you to bring down the temperature for your industry.



Customize your cooling pad in any size (Length x Height x Thickness) and cooling solution for your industry.


Lower down the temperature by using cooling pad theory: Water evaporation and heat absorption.

Cost Saving

Save your electricity fees by enhancing the effective and efficient of the cooling pad. Long-lasting durability also save your maintenance cost significantly.

Superior built quality with world class materials

Consistent performances and proprietary production technique

Customization and locally produced


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Warm air is drawn in through a series of moisten pads to remove the air’s natural heat and replace it with cooler air to maintain the optimum temperature for your industrial building.

Data Centre

Since data center equipment generates a lot of heat, effective evaporative cooling solutions play a key role. Data centres must remain operational to provide the consistent and reliable service that customers rely on.

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Overheating can bring a whole host of problems, such as increased susceptibility to insects, increased disease risk, lower yields and lower crop quality. Hence, growing flowers and plant in a greenhouse required Evaporating Cooling System to control the temperature. 


In the agriculture industry, chicken and pig must stay in a ventilated and cooled area to have fresh air circulating inside, otherwise it will impact animal growth and productivity.

Customize your cooling pad
in ANY size

Length x Height x Thickness

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