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Refrigeration System

Yes, I am a cold room system,
but not the usual one.

Feimante cold room system has been gone through over 10 years Research and Development and successfully obtained several national Patent and Energy Efficient Testing Certificate. The first version of Feimante cold room system is officially launched in 2014, which has 8 years experience in this field. 

Feimante cold room system is newly designed, that is covered with casing. Innovative and evaporative cold room system reduced the carbon footprint effectively, provide a more sustainable environment to next generations.

In the frozen food industry,
we know your fear and frustration

High Maintenance Cost

You will need to bear the cost of repairing and replacing the spare parts. The older the system, the higher the maintenance cost.


When the system is malfunction, you will face difficulty to find service contractor to attend in time. Especially during holiday.


You can only monitor your cold room status on site. Any malfunction only can be detected on site.

Sound Pollution

Receive complaints from your neighbour as your system is too noisy.

High Heat Emission

The existing outdoor system has high heat emission.

Higher Electricity Fees

The system is gradually consuming higher Ampere and lead to increasing electricity fees as it is using air cooled.

Feimante has always prioritized excellent one-stop cold room services for our global customers. Our highly experienced, completely certified team will give you professional, fast, and personalized service. We can build all sizes of cold rooms in Malaysia, chillers in Malaysia, and freezers in Malaysia to meet the needs of any business.

We are proud to have built over 180 units with a 1,200 horsepower cold room Malaysia, chiller Malaysia, and freezer Malaysia, assisting our clients in saving a total of 3.5 million in electricity expenses. Not to add that Femainte is the first and only company to create and employ IoT (Internet of Things) for our cold room in Malaysia.

Do you know that any sound at or above 85 dBA
is more likely to damage your hearing over time ?

No Worries !
We Are Finally Here !

Our Innovative Product

Get rid of your every single HASSLE

Free Maintenance

Stop repair your cold room system endlessly. We provide free maintenance for the cold room system. Any spare parts replaced, including compressor, is borne by us. You don’t have to pay extra maintenance cost.

24 / 7 / 365

We can’t ensure the system won’t breakdown in the long run, but we promise to attend the service in 24 hours, including holidays. Stop worry your cold room as we always there for you.

Smart Technology

We are the FIRST AND ONLY company in Malaysia uses IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data and 5G for our cold room system. Through our software, you can monitor temperature, receive notification of error code, and control on off on your smartphone. Connect your cold room to your smartphone now!

Low Noise

Our cold room system outdoor will only produce below 65 dB, which is considered safe sound decibel level. The sound is likely human talking in low voice. We bring back the peace of mind to you, for you.

Low Heat Emission

Our cold room system outdoor will only produce below 32 °C. Standing beside our system is like blowing in the wind. Peace and comfortable.

Energy Saving

 Stop burn your money and profit for paying higher electricity fees. We help you save electricity fees up to 40% comparing to other cold room system. Our system use evaporative cooled and our indoor blower is using water defrost rather than heat defrost.

What is IoT, Big Data, and 5G ?

Real time monitoring the cold room temperature. Give back the peace of mind to you.

Receive notification of error code instantly when the system is malfunction. We have over 25 error codes for different issue, such as gas leakage and TnB issue. 

Controlling the system on or off by simply move your finger and touch on your smartphone. It is as simple as ABC. 

The smart technology increased the efficiency of repair and maintenance. Error codes allow us to know the status of cold room system and the reason of malfunction promptly. We could anticipate and prepare spare parts before attending the service.

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Strikethrough all these hassles,
It is not that hard as you think.

High Maintenance Fees



Sound Pollution

High Heat Emission

Increasing Electricity Fees

Get it or Get rid of
It depends on you.

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