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We deeply understand the pain of running Food & Beverage business, or other business that needs a cold room. The high maintenance cost of the system, the arrangement of the repair and service the cold room, the expensive electricity fees, the capital cost to build a cold room, the inconvenience when you are not around your cold room and the annoying sound produced by your existing system. Take a look at our Feimante cold room system, you will be amazed that really have a product could get rid of those hassles.

Human being has exploited the planet and lead to climate change. As we are fully aware the environmental issue, we have put into practice and engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility by developing and providing the products and services sustainably. The product – “Feimante cold room system” launched in 2017 is using renewable energy which can reduce the carbon footprint effectively, to give a greener future and more sustainable environment to next generations.

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We know the fear, the frustration, and the pain in the industry that needs cold room system in the long run. Check out our innovative cold room system to get rid of those hassles.

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Our products has been through over 10 years Research and Development, has obtained national Patent and Energy Efficient Testing Certificate.

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1. What kind of service do you provide?

Being the leading cold room supplier in Malaysia, Feimante provides a complete variety of equipment and services for cold room projects as well as commercial and industrial refrigeration. In addition, we offer predictive maintenance using Smart Refrigeration Technology to assure quick, efficient, and high-quality servicing. We offer after-sales services such as free maintenance for cold room system spare parts replacement and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. We have developed a reputation as the premier cold room supplier in Malaysia by offering quality goods and services to over 1000 businesses.

2. Who uses the cold room system?

Anyone who wants to store large or bulk things refrigerated and frozen can employ Femainte, a cold room specialist in Malaysia, to design a cold room system for food storage. Food companies typically use cold rooms for rent to keep their back stock of goods without taking up all of the floor space in their dark kitchens with big freezers. Businesses may use chilled storage to keep their kitchen fridges free for the supplies they need that day. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies also construct a cold room system for drug batches that must be stored at extremely low temperatures.

3. How to keep up with cold room maintenance?

When you choose Femainte to design a cold room system, we verify the temperature and safety of all our cold storage units regularly. By doing so, we can ensure that the space is safe, that the temperature is appropriate for the stored items, and that the occupier of our cold room systems is relieved of one duty. Our team consists of skilled cold room specialists in Malaysia, and we will supply the finest quality goods and services to guarantee your cold room system can be utilized for an extended period.

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